The Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion tables help reduce gravity’s negative effects, that’s what most inversion table reviews will say. By stretching your muscles and backbone, inversion tables help to alleviate pain in the back. Moreover, these specialized tables help improve blood circulation, reduce stress, lessen compression, and promote relaxation. Thus, if you are suffering from back pain, poor circulation, or stress, inversion table reviews published online recommend that you try out inversion.

What factors should you look for when looking for inversion tables? Different varieties and brands of inversion tables are available. Cheap inversion tables can be purchased at around $200 while the more pricey ones are available at $1000 or more. When checking out inversion tables, notice that the more expensive powered inversion tables are rotated by a motor, while the less expensive ones are manually rotated. Other features that can add to the price of the inversion table include the ability to adjust the rotation speed, different durability levels, and storage ability of the product. Other add-ons include training manual, videos, and added safety features.


How much weight can they carry?

Although inversion tables differ in their features in more ways than one, your chosen inversion table should help you promote spinal health, alleviate pain especially in the lower back, decompress your spine, reverse the effect of gravity, reduce rotational fatigue, and lessen stress. In considering back inversion tables, quality is another important consideration. Most inversion tables are made of steel to ensure the safety of the user. In addition, consider the height and weight capacities of the inversion table. Most tables would fit an individual weighing 250-250 lbs. with up to 6’6” height.

Manual or motorized

If you are searching for discount inversion tables, remember to check the table’s ability to be controlled. First-time users are always uncomfortable when using inversion tables. Until your body becomes accustomed to inverted position, invert only 20-30 degrees for a few weeks. There are tables that provide a full range of inversion angles, look for those because you can easily control the angle of the incline with those machines.


Comfort is another factor that may play a big role in your purchase. Most tables for inversion therapy include padding and/or a head pillow. The most important thing about inversion tables when it comes to comfort is that they should secure the user while using the table. Check out wide and sturdy models because they provide more stability. Ensure as well that your feet and ankles are secured comfortably.

Putting it together

Can the inversion table be easily assembled and stored? Most people would want to use equipment that does not take too much effort to set up and keep. Thus, check out those models that require easy assembly. Some types require that you fold them down before storing them in the closet or under the bed. For your convenience, choose models that will not require more than five steps to be assembled and stored.

A number of brands of inversion tables are available for those who want to alleviate their back pains, such as the Life Gear inversion table and Ironman inversion table to name a few. Many inversion table reviews have also been published online. As users, it is important that you take some time to review the features of the equipment before purchasing them.

Life Gear Inversion Tables

The Life Gear Inversion Table is a great option for those who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of inversion therapy without having to spend extra on unnecessary bells and whistles that don’t do much to improve the experience. What you get is a sturdy piece of equipment that provides you exactly what you need without having to read a manual as thick as the yellow pages. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle many people are experiencing work-related issues. With Life Gear’s now populating the market there are many grateful users who have been able to relieve tension and treat back problems, improve circulation ease stiff muscles, increase flexibility with unique resistance associated with exercise, and generally achieve a better quality of living.

Getting a Life Gear means you’ve chosen one of the most preferred pieces of home exercise equipment in inversion therapy you can find. They can comfortably support users that weigh upwards of 300 pounds and who are as tall as 6’6″. They allow you to easily flip yourself the other way around and keep you in that position without any fears of slipping out. They address the main issue of keeping you inverted, without any added extras that done add any real effectiveness to your inversion routine. When you buy inversion tables locally and read up on inversion table reviews you’ll find that Life Gear is constantly at the top of the recommended list at many retailers.

Even without any excessive extras, a Life Gear Inversion Table comes with enough safety features to make sure you come back down to earth in one piece especially after extended periods of inversion. Your back is kept comfortable through the featured lumbar support when upside down. There is no pinching on the ankles with the patented ankle-ratchet system that keeps you in place while you do your routine. There is also no slipping or sliding with non-skid floor stabilizers that improve stability. It features a nylon safety tether strap for controlling the maximum angle of inversion, safety handles for added control, and molded ankle cushions to hold you in place comfortably. Be sure to read up on how to use an inversion table before beginning your routine.

At sub-200 dollar prices, they are among the most affordable in the market. While they might not be as fancy-looking as other brands that are available out there, there is no denying the effectiveness that this quality machine provides. They are easy to assemble and use with the included Life Gear inversion table manual. You won’t have to deal with reading something as thick as the yellow pages!