How to fight insulin resistance?

Stress and living a hectic way of life make us have less time to take care of our health and of our nutrition. We usually notice the symptoms of illnesses when they have already caught up and progressed so it takes us much more to recover. One of those silent modern-day illnesses is insulin resistance as well.

The Benefits of a Whirlpool Shower Bath

When you have an indoor whirlpool shower bath, you need to take some care with the finish, the jets and fixtures. You want everything to work when you need it the most. The nice thing about the shower/bath combination is that you do need a separate place for the shower and another area for the […]

Asbestos History And Its Associated Health Risks

Asbestos is a mineral fiber that has been utilized as insulating material for decades until the late 1970s because of its strong resistance to fire and heat. Some of the household products that contain this mineral are textured paint, drywall compound, shingles, millboard, siding, duct insulation for pipe and furnace, and flooring adhesive. It has […]