The Benefits of a Whirlpool Shower Bath

When you have an indoor whirlpool shower bath, you need to take some care with the finish, the jets and fixtures. You want everything to work when you need it the most. The nice thing about the shower/bath combination is that you do need a separate place for the shower and another area for the whirlpool. This is great for those that have limited space in the bathroom and really want to have a whirlpool for those times when they want to relax.

Whirlpool Shower Bath

A whirlpool shower bath can also be setup outside, under a roof or in better climates right outside under the stars. These types of whirlpool shower baths are mostly setup close to the sea as a way to rinse off in luxury and is normally paired with outdoor speakers like these and good outdoor lighting like these.

Choosing the Whirlpool Shower Tub

When you are looking for a whirlpool bathtub shower, you want something that will fit into your bathroom and still leave enough room for moving around and the vanity and sink. You will find oval, square, oblong, and other shapes for your whirlpool. You can find a whirlpool with or without a shower. Choosing the right type of whirlpool bathtub shower may require some considerations. If you have an opening for a bathtub/shower inlet area with a standard bathtub, you will more than likely not be able to have any other shape than the oblong whirlpool.

If you have an open area around the bathtub, you could easily put in a corner whirlpool shower bath. This is a new way to design the bathroom and it opens up the entire area. Of course, you have to have room for the vanity, sink and toilet in the room. Most of these corner tubs come in different sizes so that you can have a large or a small one.

Choosing the color is another consideration. The whirlpool shower tub comes in many different colors. You can match the tub to your bathroom or match your bathroom to the whirlpool color. It is always nice to be able to have more than just one choice for your bathroom. You can choose the color and you cam choose the fixtures. Many people use Kohler fixtures, but any fixture will do.

Matching the Vanity

If you have a sink that you do not want to replace, you can find a whirlpool shower bath in the same color as your sink. This is the beauty of bathroom vanities and tubs. There is always a color that meets your needs. The colors usually do not fade out over the years. If you know what color you need to match the vanity sink, you can match the whirlpool tub with samples that are usually available to you whether you buy online or offline.

In all, the whirlpool shower bath is made for any sized bathroom. You will have many different sizes and shapes to choose from when you are shopping. The best part is that you can choose the fixtures and the color to match your bathroom. If you want to see all the beautiful whirlpools, you can see many online so you can get an idea about the different sizes, shapes and model available. Then you will be on your way to creating a new look for your bathroom.

Looking At Air Purifiers For Your Home


You may have heard of Living Air, Alpine or Ecoquest air purifiers and their claims of living air, energized air and living oxygen. These air purifiers are different from other air purification methods as they are considered ozone air purifiers. The Living Air air purifier has been around for quite a while and has been surrounded by controversy for almost as long. The debate ranges from whether ozone air purifiers work to whether they present a health hazard.

How Do Living Air Air Purifiers Work?

These ozone air purifiers are basically ozone generators, which introduce ozone into the air. The reason this is considered a method of cleaning the air is that Ozone is a molecule that contains 3 oxygen atoms; two of these atoms form a basic oxygen molecule – like what we breathe. The third atom detaches from the ozone molecule and attaches to other molecules nearby such as dust and pollen, this process changes the chemical composition of the molecule to which it has attached. Thus the claim that the result is “purified” air. However ozone air purifiers do not remove anything from the air, they simply alter the chemical composition of the pollutants which can actually make them more harmful. Thus living air air purifiers add to the content of the air rather than filtering the air.

Is Ozone A Health Hazard?

Ozone can actually worsen respiratory problems such as asthma and cause the body to have less resistance to respiratory infections. It would be better to get a different type of air purifier for asthma and allergies. Some people show no detrimental effects from being exposed to ozone, while others experience severe problems. When inhaled, which is something you can’t avoid if you fill your home with ozone you could cause damage to your lungs, and experience chest pain, chronic coughs, and throat irritation. For example the FDA requires that medical devices kept indoors output no more than 0.05 ppm, OSHA requires workers not to be exposed for longer than 8 hours at a time to ozone concentration of more than .10 ppm. In general an ozone generator is not suggested to be used indoors at all.

Is Your Air Purifier An Ozone Generator?

If you purchased an air purifier that claims to use “energized oxygen” or “pure air” or if you have an air purifier that is a Living Air, Alpine or Ecoquest system then you have an ozone generator that you are using in your home to purify the air. If that is the case, the best thing you can do for your health is to remove it from your home and seek a real air purifier. You will probably notice a big difference in your respiratory health as well as the air in your home.

What Is A Better Choice For Air Purification?

The idea behind air purification is to remove harmful particles from the air you breathe, not convert them to something that may be worse for you than the pollen and pet dander. To choose an air purifier that actually cleans the air you should look into one that uses HEPA filtration, UV purification and Ionic purification, a combination of more than one of these would be best. These products actually remove allergens and pollution from the air and recycle clean air back into your home. Thus in short until more research is done on ozone it would be wiser to avoid ozone generators like Living Air air purifiers and rather go for a system that actually removes harmful particles from the air you breathe.

How To Use An Air Purifier For Smoke

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My son’s wooden balance bike even smells like smoke.One of the main reasons people choose to begin using an air purifier is to rid their home of smoke. It eventually got so bad in our house that our children’s balance bikes (made of wood), which they took with them to school, started smelling like smoke. In a world that is filled with allergens, pollution and asthma triggers one of the hardest items to remove is tobacco smoke. Smoke settles on the walls, floats in the air and gets inhaled hours after it should be gone from your home.

The best remedy to remove smoke from the air throughout your whole house is to use an air purifier. There are many different styles and brands of air purifiers, even some which are specifically designed for smoke. Choosing an air purifier for smoke will make a difference to the quality of air you breathe in your home.

Room Filled With Smoke

air-purifiers-for-smokeWe’ve all seen the television commercials that show an enclosed area filled with smoke, yet as soon as they turn on the air purifier you can watch the smoke disappear leaving behind fresh clean air. While an air purifier actually performs this task it often takes longer than 30 seconds to clear the smoke from a room. Tobacco smoke especially tends to linger and leave a film on everything in the room including people. This in turn attracts dust which is another allergen and asthma trigger that can be dealt with by using an air purifier. Placing an air purifier in each room or installing a whole house purifier will make a great deal of difference in the way your home feels, looks and smells. Air purifier consumer reports will help you in deciding which air purifier would be the best for your needs.

Constant Filtering

If your home is inhabited by smokers who insist on smoking indoors the best way to fight tobacco smoke pollution in your home is to use an air purifier at all times. The air purifier for tobacco smoke will constantly be pulling in and filtering the smoke residue from the air. Because of the ability of smoke to linger and hang in the air, running an air purifier only while smoking will help initially but will not eliminate the smoke from the entire room or the whole house. Only by continuously filtering the air will you get rid of tobacco smoke with all of its allergens and odors. Thus the best way to use air purifiers when you want to get rid of tobacco smoke is to have them running all the time.

Electric Costs

Besides being fairly inexpensive items to purchase the best air purifiers are made to be run continuously that are rated as energy star appliances, to will help keep electric costs down. The ability to remove dangerous tobacco smoke from your home leaving it healthier and fresh smelling is worth the price you will pay to run an air purifier. Aside from tobacco smoke and the dust it attracts an air purifier can help remove pollen, pet dander and even chemical fumes from the air. Running an air purifier in each room of the house is an excellent way to keep your whole house filled with clean air. Air purifiers aren’t just for homes with smokers or for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. All homes and all people will benefit from having purified air. Using an air purifier helps maintain the moisture balance in a home and also filters airborne mold spores which can cause severe health problems. So if your home is filled with tobacco smoke residue and odors, or even if it isn’t an air purifier can remove pollutants from the air leaving your whole house healthier and better smelling. Getting an air purifier for smoke might be one of the best investments you can make towards your health.

Filtrete Air Filters Provide Protection From Airborne Particles

3M-Filtrete-FAP00-RS-Air-Purifier1When it comes to air purification, you can say that Filtrete air filters are highly reliable and effective. Made by one of the most trustworthy makers in the market – 3M, these filters capture airborne particles in such an effective manner that you would instantly feel that the air you breathe has all of the sudden become pure. Truly Filtrete air filters can guarantee you healthy air that you would love to breathe at home everyday.

Effectiveness Of The Filter

The filters used by air purifiers at home play a very important role in keeping the air free from any particles which are actually health risks. Therefore, you need to know what type of filter you are using and how effective it is in capturing the air particles that you are desperately trying to get rid of.

Which One To Choose

Filtrete air filters are definitely winners when it boils down to the question of which one is the best. They come in different kinds and types according to what particular elements you are trying to eliminate from your home.

The Filtrete High Performance 1” Filter

For instance the Filtrete High Performance 1” filters capture at the very least 90% of particles found in the air. These filters have the ability to filter both large and small particles that are usually found present in the air. Small particles such as smoke are easily trapped in the filter. Those particles that are considered as virus-carrying particles are also trapped in the process, giving you an easier time to breathe.

American Lung Association

What is really good about these filters is that they have passed the requirements of the American Lung Association. This means that your respiratory system would always be protected whenever you are using any of the Filtrete High Performance filters which include the Filtrete Elite Allergen Reduction filter, Filtrete Maximum Allergen Reduction filter, Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Reduction filter, Filtrete Ultra Allergen Reduction filter, Filtrete Ultra Pure filter, and Filtrete Allergen Reduction filter.

The Filtrete Air Cleaning 1” Filter

Another reliable line of air filters made by Filtrete is the Filtrete Air Cleaning 1” filters. These filters capture the smallest unseen particles in the air such as smoke and dust. These include the Filtrete Micro Allergen Extra Reduction filter, Filtrete Micro Allergen Reduction filter, Filtrete Allergen Reduction filter, and the Filtrete Micro Particle Reduction filter.

Results Guaranteed

A Filtrete air filter guarantees the best protection for you and your family against allergens that are often the cause of respiratory illnesses. Just like the best air cleaners that are available on the market today, the Filtrete line of air filters ensures good health and safety in your home. Considering that the home is the safest place, everything in it, including the air you breathe must be safe as well.

The Honeywell Air Filter

Other highly recommended filters are the Honeywell air filters. They are also durable and efficient in making the surrounding air at home and at the office really clean.

Filtrete air filters will always give you that secure feeling of being able to breathe unpolluted air at home. Their high durability and efficiency makes them the best partners of any air purifier in making the home a truly safe place to live.

The Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion tables help reduce gravity’s negative effects, that’s what most inversion table reviews will say. By stretching your muscles and backbone, inversion tables help to alleviate pain in the back. Moreover, these specialized tables help improve blood circulation, reduce stress, lessen compression, and promote relaxation. Thus, if you are suffering from back pain, poor circulation, or stress, inversion table reviews published online recommend that you try out inversion.

What factors should you look for when looking for inversion tables? Different varieties and brands of inversion tables are available. Cheap inversion tables can be purchased at around $200 while the more pricey ones are available at $1000 or more. When checking out inversion tables, notice that the more expensive powered inversion tables are rotated by a motor, while the less expensive ones are manually rotated. Other features that can add to the price of the inversion table include the ability to adjust the rotation speed, different durability levels, and storage ability of the product. Other add-ons include training manual, videos, and added safety features.


How much weight can they carry?

Although inversion tables differ in their features in more ways than one, your chosen inversion table should help you promote spinal health, alleviate pain especially in the lower back, decompress your spine, reverse the effect of gravity, reduce rotational fatigue, and lessen stress. In considering back inversion tables, quality is another important consideration. Most inversion tables are made of steel to ensure the safety of the user. In addition, consider the height and weight capacities of the inversion table. Most tables would fit an individual weighing 250-250 lbs. with up to 6’6” height.

Manual or motorized

If you are searching for discount inversion tables, remember to check the table’s ability to be controlled. First-time users are always uncomfortable when using inversion tables. Until your body becomes accustomed to inverted position, invert only 20-30 degrees for a few weeks. There are tables that provide a full range of inversion angles, look for those because you can easily control the angle of the incline with those machines.


Comfort is another factor that may play a big role in your purchase. Most tables for inversion therapy include padding and/or a head pillow. The most important thing about inversion tables when it comes to comfort is that they should secure the user while using the table. Check out wide and sturdy models because they provide more stability. Ensure as well that your feet and ankles are secured comfortably.

Putting it together

Can the inversion table be easily assembled and stored? Most people would want to use equipment that does not take too much effort to set up and keep. Thus, check out those models that require easy assembly. Some types require that you fold them down before storing them in the closet or under the bed. For your convenience, choose models that will not require more than five steps to be assembled and stored.

A number of brands of inversion tables are available for those who want to alleviate their back pains, such as the Life Gear inversion table and Ironman inversion table to name a few. Many inversion table reviews have also been published online. As users, it is important that you take some time to review the features of the equipment before purchasing them.

Life Gear Inversion Tables

The Life Gear Inversion Table is a great option for those who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of inversion therapy without having to spend extra on unnecessary bells and whistles that don’t do much to improve the experience. What you get is a sturdy piece of equipment that provides you exactly what you need without having to read a manual as thick as the yellow pages. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle many people are experiencing work-related issues. With Life Gear’s now populating the market there are many grateful users who have been able to relieve tension and treat back problems, improve circulation ease stiff muscles, increase flexibility with unique resistance associated with exercise, and generally achieve a better quality of living.

Getting a Life Gear means you’ve chosen one of the most preferred pieces of home exercise equipment in inversion therapy you can find. They can comfortably support users that weigh upwards of 300 pounds and who are as tall as 6’6″. They allow you to easily flip yourself the other way around and keep you in that position without any fears of slipping out. They address the main issue of keeping you inverted, without any added extras that done add any real effectiveness to your inversion routine. When you buy inversion tables locally and read up on inversion table reviews you’ll find that Life Gear is constantly at the top of the recommended list at many retailers.

Even without any excessive extras, a Life Gear Inversion Table comes with enough safety features to make sure you come back down to earth in one piece especially after extended periods of inversion. Your back is kept comfortable through the featured lumbar support when upside down. There is no pinching on the ankles with the patented ankle-ratchet system that keeps you in place while you do your routine. There is also no slipping or sliding with non-skid floor stabilizers that improve stability. It features a nylon safety tether strap for controlling the maximum angle of inversion, safety handles for added control, and molded ankle cushions to hold you in place comfortably. Be sure to read up on how to use an inversion table before beginning your routine.

At sub-200 dollar prices, they are among the most affordable in the market. While they might not be as fancy-looking as other brands that are available out there, there is no denying the effectiveness that this quality machine provides. They are easy to assemble and use with the included Life Gear inversion table manual. You won’t have to deal with reading something as thick as the yellow pages!